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How The Website Makes Money

Here it is: You DON’T need to be a professional online marketer or have any previous experience with running a website to succeed!

All you need to know is the “what”, and the “how”…

WHAT makes the website profitable…and HOW the website makes money

It’s really that simple and I’ll explain it below…

What we are offering is an 100% Self-Updating WordPress News Website that automatically searches for news content online and updates the website.

The Automatic Content Updates takes the burden of manually writing content daily, leaving you with plenty of time to focus on other things.

Below are ways to Monetize the Self-Updating News Website.

I will help you select your method of monetizing the website. A few of the ways to monetize the website is as follows.

A. Google Adsense Program – Google Adsense is one way to monetize a website on the Internet. Google Adsense allows you to add their banner codes to your website and pays you anytime some one clicks on those ads on your website .

. Amazon Affiliate Program – The Amazon Associates program is one of the most respected and favorite affiliate programs on the internet. With this you can generate banners of products that you wish to sell as an affiliate on the website.

C. Clickbank Affiliate Program – Clickbank offers alot of affiliate programs that you can sign up for and start promoting on the website. There are lots affiliate offers available to select from.

What is the Process?

I will setup the automated news website just as you see it on on your domain name and customize with your logo to fit your domain name.

After that you select and signup for any of the affiliate programs listed above, after which i will have it integrated into the website for you.

I will also follow up with Step-by-Step Traffic Methods to get you started.

What do i need to get started?.

You will need a domain name and hosting ( Just in case you don’t know how to go about getting a domain name and hosting, you can let us know when we contact you after you fill the form and we will assist you get both )

Plus Step-By-Step Traffic and Marketing BONUS that help you make more profits even faster and easier...

I know that once you see the serious leverage that you get from using my traffic strategies and techniques you’re going to wish you’d found it years ago!

On its own, it can make a tremendous difference in your website success… and give you the passive extra income and freedom you’ve been hoping for.

But I wanted to make sure to give you every advantage possible while you’re ramping up your news website and piling up those profits.

So I’m including a BONUS that isn’t available anywhere else.



Here's Exactly What I'm Offering You Today:

I’m offering the entire “Automated News Website ™” Package with all the step by step coaching For A Measly One-Time Purchase Of Just $247, $197, $97 (Price will go up to $197.00 then $247.00 soon)

Honestly, I should be charging more as this barely sums up to the value of the website but I remember my times of struggle and I want to help others like you start profiting fast…

If anyone would have told me about a deal such as this when I was first starting out, I would have paid much more; because I remember those costly and painful mistakes I’ve made.

So, paying someone to help me avoid them and operate successfully from scratch would have been a godsend.

But, that’s just me…So Are You Ready To Start Profiting From This Website ?

lots of people are putting their websites to work and doing what they love every day as online bloggers. Now its your turn…

Stop dreaming and start doing today:

"Is This Automated News Website Right For Me?"

If you’re like a lot of us, you’ve probably seen plenty of online “opportunities.” So even though lots of people just like you have started successful online websites businesses… you may be wondering if this is right for you.

Well, I’m going to be honest with you – there are just some people who shouldn’t waste their time with this website.

And, really, I’d rather be up-front about it, because those people end up wasting my time too.

So let me tell you right now that this is NOT the website for you if:

  • You Don’t Take Action! We are going to guide you through the whole process step by step and i will require you to follow instructions. If you are unwilling to, then don’t buy this website.
  • You’re the type of person who likes to blame your setbacks on others. Look, we all have to stare failure in the eyes occasionally… but successful people learn from their mistakes, instead of looking for someone to blame! If you refuse to own and grow from your mistakes, then definitely don’t buy this website.
  • You’re looking for a “magic button” that will fix everything overnight without massive action… I’m afraid that you’re always going to be looking for the next quick fix. This is a proven blueprint, but you still have to follow it to get results. So if you’re looking for magic, then absolutely, positively don’t buy this website!

Okay, if none of the above apply to you then is for you

Note. We need for you to provide a hosting account and a domain name. ( Just in case you don’t know how to go about getting a domain name and hosting, you can let us know when we contact you after you fill the form and we will assist you get both )

YES ! I Want To Have My News Website Today!

Everything you need to get started! You’ll get the website fully setup and functioning just as you see it on

Affiliate Integration Guidance We will guide to sign up for the affiliate accounts and also do the affiliate integration into the website for you.

Free Bonus of Step by Step Killer Traffic Generation Steps. You’ll be equipped with Step by Step killer traffic generation techniques that brings a lot of traffic to the website and makes the website successful.

I reserve to end this discount price and the bonus at anytime. If you want this deal, you’ll have to order it right now.



Original Price : $197

Todays Price : $97

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